We clean building exteriors and industrial structures with an environmentally friendly soft chemical wash. We clean all types of surfaces, to see an example of how much better your building can look.

    It includes
  • Facade / Glass Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • High Rise Wall Cleaning
  • High Rise Buliding Cleaning
  • Car Parking Cleaning

Deep cleaning is mandated in following new construction : 1. Floors and surfaces
2. Strip and remove all excessive build-up from floors.
3. Thoroughly wet, rinse, dry and apply four (4) coats of finish to floors.
4. Remove wood finish by scrubbing and/or screening. Tack and/or rinse floors thoroughly. Apply two (2) coats of gym finish -three (3) coats in key areas.
5. Vacuum and Extract and/or Shampoo carpet and area rugs. Bonnet-clean, if necessary.
6. Disinfect.
7. Wash all painted surfaces (walls Ceiling, partitions, ceiling, windows, frames, vents, light fixtures).
8. Replace burned-out lamps with new (school provided) lamps.
9. Clean all tile and grout, fixtures, dispensers and scrub floors.
10. Wash Windows (Inside)
11. Wash Venetian Blinds
12. Clean All Inside Glass
13. Fixtures
14. Walls
15. Lights
16. All surfaces and fixtures are to be disinfected and free of all soil and litter.
17. Smudges, fingerprints, and graffiti are to be removed from dispensers.
18. All paper and soap dispensers are to be stocked.
19. Mirrors are to be cleaned and graffiti removed.
20. All trash receptacles are to be emptied, relined, and disinfected.
21. Floors are to be swept and mopped.
22. Walls, partitions, doors, and door handles are to be cleaned, disinfected and graffiti removed.
23. All chrome and metal work will be cleaned, disinfected, and dried.
24. Vents, light fixtures and tops of partitions and doors shall be dusted.
25. Unpleasant odor source must be eliminated.
26. All other graffiti shall be removed. If graffiti is etched into dispensers, partitions, mirrors, etc., or if the volume of graffiti is extensive, place a service call for assistance from the maintain