Our Fire Retardant Paint is tested and certified for 2 hour rating by Government of India's National Test House Mumbai.
The offered Fire Retardant Paint is extensively used in commercial as well as residential segments to prevent the spread of fire and avoid damages. We are specialized in manufacturing Fire retardant coatings. Product widely being used as fire retardant for buildings, furniture, electrical appliances, electrical lines and near flammable area to avoid fire hazards. We have separate coatings for walls, wood, cable and steel. For steel we have different coatings for interior atmosphere and exterior atmosphere. The fire ratings of the coating depend on the thickness of the coating and are directly proportional to the thickness. Fire rating means the surface will be protected for that much time. These ratings are 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 120 minutes or half hour, one hour and two hours. The purpose is for getting the time till help arrives to protect property and lives. These coatings require fire rated primer followed by fire retardant intermediate coating and then finally the topcoat on the top. Primer is applied in single coat and is different for different surfaces. Intermediate coating thickness is different for different ratings and different surfaces. The topcoat requires two coats. The topcoat is necessary for protection of intermediate coat and also for providing aesthetic value to the surface. We provide the test certificate for each batch we produce and the tests are done as per ASTM test procedures.

It forms foam when temperature reaches 250 degrees Celsius. This foam is heat and fire resistant and almost non conductive. During the foam forming reaction, some inert gasses are released. These gasses keep Oxygen away from wall. The foam thus formed keeps the surface away from heat and hence does not allow the surface to receive or conduct the heat in other areas. Also since this forms foam and a charred layer, it does not allow oxygen to reach to the surface over which it is applied. Hence it protects the surface from catching fire. UGAMCOAT 07022007 requires its UGAM FIRE RETARDANT PRIMER to be applied first, followed by application of UGAMCOAT 07022007 to the specified thickness with respect to rating required and then finally two coats of UGAM F R TOPCOAT WALL.